OSA annual souvenir is published by the souvenir editorial team selected by the convention organizing committee. OSA National’s editor-in-chief is a team member of the committee. OSA members are invited to support publication cost of the annual souvenir either by a donation or by publishing an advertisement.

OSA Annual Souvenir along with other articles must publish the following official information:

  • OSA Governing Body (National Executives + BOG Members)
  • OSA Awardees for all different years
  • OSA Convention Places
  • OSA Current Membership Status and membership history for that particular year
  • Financial Report (both annual and the 2-year term if transition year)
  • President’s Report and Secretary’s Report
  • Award Information (Vice President’s Report)

Archive of OSA Souvenirs

Note: The sourvenirs are larger sized PDF documents. Please right click on the link & left click on “Save As” to save the PDF in your computer.

Year Souvenir Notes
2018 Download as PDF 111 MB in Size
2017 Download as PDF 22 MB in Size
2016 Download as PDF    (Cover Pages) 87 MB in Size
2015 Download as PDF 30 MB in Size
2014 Download as PDF 37 MB in Size
2013 Download as PDF
Alternately, you may download the EPub version for iPads/Android Tablets
22 MB in Size
68 MB in Size
2012 Download as PDF 20 MB in Size
2011 Download as PDF 21 MB in Size
2010 Download as PDF 16 MB in Size
2009 Download as PDF 48 MB in Size
2008 Download as PDF 63 MB in Size
2007 Download as PDF 68 MB in Size
2006 Download as PDF 25 MB in Size
2005 Download as PDF 4 MB in Size
2004 Download as PDF 6 MB in Size
2003 Download as PDF 217 MB in Size
2002 Download as PDF 86 MB in Size
2001 Download as PDF 80 MB in Size
2000 Download as PDF 55 MB in Size
1999 Download as PDF 85 MB in Size
1998 Download as PDF 192 MB in Size
1997 Download as PDF 47 MB in Size
1996 Download as PDF 91 MB in Size
1995 Download as PDF 29 MB in Size
1994 Download as PDF 37 MB in Size
1993 Download as PDF 34 MB in Size
1992 Download as PDF 12 MB in Size
1991 Download as PDF 16 MB in Size
1990 Download as PDF 9 MB in Size
1989 Download as PDF 8 MB in Size
1988 Download as PDF 17 MB in Size
1987 Download as PDF 16 MB in Size
1986 Download as PDF 4 MB in Size
1985 N.A.  
1984 Download as PDF 29 MB in Size