Dr. Abani K. Patra

Professor and Associate Chair
Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Eng...
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260
Tel- 7166452734

Dr. Annapurna Pandey

Faculty, Anthropology
University of California, Santa Cruz
Research Area: Women’s activism in Odisha, India and the ethnography of Indian Diaspora in the USA
Email: adpandey@ucsc.edu

Dr. Asit K. Pattnaik

Professor, Dept of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Email: apattnaik2@unl.edu
Web: http://www.unl.edu/virologycenter

Dr. Bikash R. Pattnaik

Departments of Pediatrics, Ophthalmology and Visual Sci
McPherson Eye Research Inst
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: (608) 417 6446
Fax: (608) 257 1304
Email: bikashp@pediatrics.wisc.edu
Web: http://www.pediatrics.wisc.edu

Dr. Chitta Baral

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University
E-mail: chitta@asu.edu

Dr. Digambar Mishra

Division Chair/ Professor
Dept of Social and Behavorial Sciences
Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama
Email: dmishra@miles.edu

Dr. Durgmadhab (Durga) Misra

Professor & Asso Chair for Grad Studies Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: +1-973-596-5739
Website: http://web.njit.edu/~dmisra/

Dr. Jyotsna Pattnaik

Professor, College of Education
California State University
Email: jyotsna.pattnaik@csulb.edu

Dr. Ranjita Misra

Professor, Education & Human Development
Texas- A & M University
Email: misra@hlkn.tamu.edu

Dr. Sukant Mohapatra

Computer Science & Telecommunication Engineering
Vice President, Technology, VPI systems, US
Email: s_k_mohapatra@yahoo.com